6 More Weeks

I almost feel like that song “In The Arms of the Angel” by Sarah McLachlan on the animal commercial at 3 am is playing in the background 😂. Cut the music! I got my MRI results back for my knee injury. So after 8 weeks off of the mat so far, here we are.

Good news: MCL sprain (was probably a tear at the time of injury)

Bad news: it’s a pretty bad sprain and I’ll be out doing physical therapy for another 6 weeks

More good news: I get to do the physical therapy simultaneously with bracing so my return will be epic

If the doctor would have said anything concerning my ACL I would have cried. Flat out. So, there actually isn’t any bad news because I knew that they would tell me I needed more weeks off just due to the way my knee feels right now. I’m not worried. Also, I know that when I get back to training, it’s go time. Blinders on. Full focus. Go time. I have medals to win and goals to reach.

So with that, I’m drafting a plan for the 6 weeks that I have left to recover. I can still do what I’ve been doing as far as light exercise and I’ve been able to keep my weight within the range that I can easily maintain (around 165-167lbs). On light exercise I still burn about 700-1000cal so I still have a lot of room to play with my nutrition; I’ll probably start a slow cut. Still gotta have my cheat days on time 🍔 🍟 . Working on my grips too. My arms are surely super strong by now since that has been my main focus since November. I haven’t had much muscle wasting either. I suspect it is because it is the MCL and I’ve tried to start strengthening it as early as possible. Still got thunder thighs on deck 🌩!

So by the time I’m actually back on the mat, every thing should be in place for me to slowly get back into technique, rolling, randori, and lifting. Then it’s on to competition 💪🏾! I’m doing multiple Jiu-Jitsu, judo, and powerlifting competitions this year once I’m healed up. Look for me *milly rocks*! (*whispers* I also want to start a YouTube channel)

In other news, I had an interview at the Under Armour HQ today so I should be hearing back from them soon. Launching my subscription box business in February. Taking the personal training certification test this spring. So much stuff. It’s lit for 2018! Goals and lessons galore. March is going to be so 🔥. My birthday, and LA trip (for my ace’s wedding!), and the return of a champion. Song Choice: One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show – Goodie Mob (😂😂😂 )

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