Last Days of the Year: Treat cho’ self

” I’ll start tomorrow”…you know what I’m talking about 😏. I’m not even shaming you for it! My nutrition hasn’t been completely stellar (also not complete trash) since Christmas either. I may or may not have had a burger and fries as my primary meal for a few days straight at some point this week…it’s fine.

During this week you don’t really have to say “I’m starting tomorrow” or “I’m starting January 1st” in regards to nutrition or exercise. You obviously can say whatever you want since I’m not the boss of you. What I mean is you’ve either been on your nutrition and exercise all year or you’ve been beating yourself up about it all year. It’s time for a break! A psychological break from tracking your food or just obsessively thinking about what you’re eating is just as important as taking rest days from the gym.

I’m definitely not saying gorge yourself with trash every day in these last few days (although ’tis very tempting), you should probably still have mostly whole foods. But you can use a these days this week or this whole week, depending on your fitness levels, as a “diet break.” If you’re really being strategic, you could have this week start a plan for training and nutrition phase to start while you’re relaxing. Breaks are essential though especially as a person who trains and focuses on nutrition all of the time. I know that I like to obsess over my nutrients, calories, and macros. It’s actually fun to me to be able to change my body based on numbers. But what I also know is that if I don’t take a chance to relax from that, the relaxation is coming in the form of a Five Guys double cheeseburger and regular Cajun fry for multiple days. Scheduled high calorie/cheat days work better for me so that I have things to look forward to periodically.

It’s the last week of the year though! If you want a burger, eat it! If you want Cinnamon Toast Crunch, eat it! No one is going to shoot you! Unless the Cinnamon Toast Crunch isn’t yours, then I can’t help you, bro. Take this time to relax or strategically plan a phase of training and nutrition that you can start soon. You’ll inherently “get back on track” because you normally wouldn’t gorge yourself. So just relax. You’re going to do it on the 31st anyway and get back right back to it. I still count my calories because I like it but other than that I’m chillin’. Eating my Fruity Pebbles like what’s good?

Song choice: Can’t Tell Me Nothing – Kanye West πŸ’―πŸ’―

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