Because We Do Sports: Injury

So, if you know me you know that I am currently injured. The worst, right?

Typing this as I’m on the stationary bike, today marks 4 weeks that I have been off of the mat. I suffered a pretty good MCL sprain (probably about grade 2-2+) during Judo practice back in the beginning of November. I’m getting back to the point where I can walk normally and am doing pretty well right now. I’m itching to get back in the gym but… I’m so nervous.

img_0404I’m nervous because I don’t know how quickly I’ll be able to get back to the level I was working at. Of course the injury would happen on a day that was inexplicably good. My randori skills had been progressing pretty well but that day was just way too good. My set ups, drop seoi nage, clean harai goshi, nice tai o toshi. The timing of everything I had been working on was starting to click. And then…CRUNCH! We sit for 6-8 weeks. Going from training everyday to sitting like a lump on a log is shit. Then, when you think about the fact that “Well, shit. This could happen again.” , it becomes kind of hard to just go back to training hard. Day 1 is fucking abysmal. Week 1 is super shitty. Week 2 is less shitty but still shit. But then, Week 3 is “Okay! Progress!“. Week 4 is “I’ll be back in there soon!” The progression of thought is important because it’s not just a physical injury, it’s mental too.

I went through all of that to say this is why we do sports! It’s a part of the process. We know that doing a contact sport increases our chances of injury greatly but that’s the type of people we are. I love being stronger than average. I love being faster. I love knowing techniques that other people don’t know and I love winning! Granted I don’t love injury, but it makes you that much stronger. Also, it probably happened so it would force me to take a much needed rest lol.

If you’re injured or afraid of injury, it comes back to when you do get back in there and you are able to go back to 100%. The hunger and drive are still there. You still want that gold medal as much as you did when you started. You work through it and take the rest because you’ll probably need it when you do get back. You prepare yourself to comeback stronger mentally and physically. Don’t let discouragement set in. The people around you can feel that just as much as you do. You’ll be starting anew but the redefinition is necessary. I know that if I pull from this experience and harness my chi, I’m going to be unstoppable.

I’m currently making sure I do everything I can to make a IMG_0408full recovery. I’ve been doing this for a long time but I pay close attention to my calories and what I’m eating. I can’t eat as much because I’m not training as hard (SUCKS!!) and I can’t eat junk because that isn’t good for inflammation/repair (this is fine lol). I’ve also started juicing fruits and vegetables so that the excess of vitamins and micro-nutrients will help with the repair. I mentioned the stationary bike but also doing arm work and ab work to keep that strength up. Upper body ergometer and rowing to keep up my cardio. I’ll talk about my eating habits in another post but I think I’m doing pretty good now. I think by week 8 I’ll be ready to go back in 💪🏾. You know me, the Olympic mindset never stops!

Song choice: Survivor – Destiny’s Child. Cliche maybe but the song will forever be 🔥 and it applies:)

P.S. I used a bit of language in the injury timeline portion but I wanted you to feel what I felt…that’s also how I speak in real life so… I BLAME SPORTS!

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